Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Deporten a La Migra

Wow! I cannot believe the online response to the breaking news of the ICE multi-state raid of meat packing plants across the Mid and Southwest. I was going to wait to post until I had a more developed argument, but I have to get something about this on Technorati that is not racist and not in support of the raids (the two worst ones were these, top on the search results for "ICE" & "raid" & "meat", Act Georgia and Texas Freds). And then there's Google's (former) headline news article from the Des Moines Register. The article isn't bad, but the comments sure are.

Not having a developed argument, I decided to go with a inciting title, "Deporten a La Migra," which basically translates into "Deport ICE." I decided to Google "la migra" and was appalled by what came up as the top results, the Urban Dictionary entry and The American Resistance Foundation Store. Unbelievable! Next, I Google "deporten a la migra" and got this from Liberation Ink. Nice!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that either! ("urbandictionary" that is).

Anonymous said...

So I guess you would like all nations borders to be completely open then? Makes sense why even bother having nations at all? Whats the next step? A world without culture or idenity?